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Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology

  • Brand: ISSA Europe
  • ISBN: 9788879596718
  • Availability: In Stock
The text provides all the tools necessary to successfully address the study of anatomy and physiology as well as a wide range of support materials for storing terms, the understanding of the fundament...

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology

The text provides all the tools necessary to successfully address the study of anatomy and physiology as well as a wide range of support materials for storing terms, the understanding of the fundamental concepts and  the assessment of knowledge acquired. The text is accompanied by a rich iconography, which is not limited to the visual presentation of the structures and processes, but it operates visual comparisons between illustrations and photographs, it breaks down the complex physiological processes in sequential steps, it shows dissection of anatomical structures at increasingly microscopic levels and it has views of the whole and individual aspects of the physiological mechanisms. Al testo è allegato un CD interattivo gratuito contenente materiale didattico aggiuntivo.


  • Learning Objectives Numbered lists of the opening chapters that tell you what you should learn in the chapter.
  • Titles of the explanatory sections Titles of the sections, as well as introducing new topics, they enunciate key concepts.
  • Tests Numbered questions presented regularly in each chapter, for which the answers are at the end of the book.
  • Tips and Tricks Inserts that provide mnemonic tools and analogies to remember words and notions.
  • Key points Inserts that describe the fundamental concepts covered in each section.
  • Did you know that…?Opening inserts chapters that draw attention to the subject of the chapter providing curious information.
  • Summary Schematic overview of the topics covered in the chapter.
  • Summary Questions Verification questions divided into three levels: Summary of facts and words, summary concepts, critical reasoning and clinical applications.
  • Glossary Section consisting of two parts: common Eponyms and Key Terms.
  • Answers At the end of the book they are the answers to the questions of the tests and summary questions.
  • “Side to side” images Representations of illustrators accompanied with photographs of the same structures in cadaveric dissections.
  • “Step by step” images Figures that break down the complex physiological processes in a series of sequential steps.
  • “From macro to micro” images Anatomical views in sequence ranging from entire structures to their smallest components.
  • “Pilote” images Overall views that introduce complex processes which are repeated when necessary to follow the steps.
  • Illustrations superimposed on photographs Views of anatomical structures in context and in real proportions of the human body.
  • Colored tabs Tabs on the edge of the pages indicate the unit, the specific body system and the chapter title.
  • Reminders of the concepts Chain icons in the text that refer to numbers of pages in which are present connected threads.
  • Interactive CD A CD-ROM containing an interactive atlas of anatomy, animations, tutorials, and case reports.


Chapter: Livelli di organizzazione.

  • 1. Introduzione all’anatomia e alla fisiologia
  • 2. Livello chimico di organizzazione
  • 3. Livello cellulare di organizzazione
  • 4. Livello tissutale di organizzazione

Unità 2: Sostegno e movimento.

  • 5.  Tegumentary system
  • 6. Bone tissue and  bone structure
  • 7. Axial skeleton
  • 8. Appendicular skeleton
  • 9. Joints
  • 10. Muscle tissue
  • 11. Muscular system

Chapter 3: Control and regulation.

  • 12. Nervous tissue
  • 13. Spinal cord, spinal nerves and spinal reflexes
  • 14. Brain and cranial nerves
  • 15. Nervous integration I: sensitive pathways and  the somatic nervous system
  • 16. Nervous integration II autonomic nervous system and higher-order functions
  • 17. Sensory organs
  • 18. Endocrine system

Chapter 4: Liquids and transportation

  • 19. Blood
  • 20. Heart
  • 21. Blood vessels and circulation
  • 22. Lymphatic system and immune system

Chapter 5: Exchanges with the environment.

  • 23. Respiratory system
  • 24. Digestive system
  • 25. Metabolism and energy
  • 26. Urinary system
  • 27. Fluid balance, electrolyte and acid-base

Chapter 6: Continuity of life.

  • 28. Reproductive system
  • 29. Development and inheritance.
  • Appendix
  • Answers to questions of the tests and summary questions.


Authors Frederic H. Martini – Judi L. Nath
Language Italian
Sizes 21x28

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